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Cygnets and Swans

-a happy, active, fun and safe learning environment for all its toddlers and pre-schoolers

Our Nursery philosophy is learning through play, and we plan our curriculum with a view to meeting the seven areas of learning within the Early years Foundation Stage which guides our activity planning. We have a maximum of 12 children in the Cygnet room. The Cygnets are aged 2-3 years. The  Swans room can have a maximum of 30 children aged 3-5 years with free flow access to  the playground, which also has a large undercover shelter. The whole space is divided into areas of learning and is well equipped.

We develop activities which allow us to observe, monitor and guide children in their development. None of the areas of Leaning and Development can be delivered in isolation from the others. They are equally important and depend on each other to support a rounded approach to child development. We deliver them through carefully planned, purposeful play with a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities. Every day children can explore exciting, inspirational activities and well-chosen equipment, toys and books. Because children learn at different rates and in different ways, our staff will be carefully observing, planning and supporting to make sure the three prime learning areas – Communication and Language; Physical development; and Personal, Social and Emotional development – are covered in the best way, at the right speed for them.

As your child grows, they’ll discover more specific areas such as Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Art and Design in a way that’s suited to your child’s individual needs and interests as well as taking into account their characteristics of learning.

We adapt the curriculum , to meet the needs of children with special needs.

We are proud of the high ratio of adults to children in each of our rooms. This ensures individual attention to the needs and development of each child. Our key carer system gives each member of staff particular responsibility for just a few children. Therefore the key carer is in a position to tailor the group’s curriculum to the unique needs of each individual child and support them accordingly. The key carer maintains links with the child’s home, working with parents through shared record keeping to ensure that the children are supported in reaching their full potential.

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