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- an interactive environment for little explorers aged 3 months to 2 years old

Whether your baby is gurgling, laughing, crawling or walking we have a key carer who will be there every step of the way. Continuity of care is very important for little ones and with that in mind we have some of our more experienced and long serving staff in that room.

Lots of sensory play time means your baby will be stimulated, engaged, active and always well cared for. Because children learn at different rates and in different ways, our staff will be carefully observing, planning and supporting to make sure the three prime learning areas – Communication and Language; Physical development; and Personal, Social and Emotional development – are covered in the best way, at the right speed for them.

A maximum of nine children per session are helped through this stage of their development by four staff members. The babies’ room is a very homely environment with lots of equipment to help them develop, grow and meet all their individual needs. The routine is very flexible, and can follow the routine from home. The staff write diaries regarding all children for parents, this includes information on their child’s day what they have eaten, slept and how they have been the diaries can be taken home for the parents also to write information in for the staff. We  ask parents to provide nappies, wipes and creams.

The nursery has a couple of large silver cross prams that our babies sleep in outside which gives the babies plenty of fresh air and a peaceful sleep. We also provide blankets and winter sleep bags so they are still able to enjoy the fresh air in all seasons. We also supply sleep mats and blankets for the older children in the room to nap upon.

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